Outlook 2007 applying forms

Outlook 2007 applying forms

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I created a form for Outlook tasks in Outlook 2003, how do I now apply it to
an outlook 2007 task? I installed Outlook 2007, opened a task, and it's in
the default form, so I am missin all of the controls I created. I can click
the "Office" button, select "choose form" and the form is there and it's
correct, so now how to I apply it to the any new and existing tasks? Thank
you for your help.

Outlook 2007 applying forms

Post by Sue Mosher » Sun, 07 Oct 2007 07:39:54

You need to:

a) Publish the form.

b) Make it the default for the Tasks folder.

c) Change the value of the MessageClass property on existing items to point to the class of your published form, e.g. IPM.Task.MyForm

See http://www.yqcomputer.com/

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