shared contacts, programatically

shared contacts, programatically

Post by YmJ1aW » Sat, 27 Nov 2004 00:43:05

Outlook have a "contacts" button on Navigation Pane.
If Exchange exists on the net, "contatcs" have 3 section: "My Contacts";

Contatcs"; "Current View". Clicking on an "Other Contacts" entry, you can
see the

shared contacts of an user.
I have to read (programatically) all the shared contacts, imported by Outlook.

How can I do?

Namespace.GetAddressLists give me GAL..
Namespace.GetFolders give me folders..
where is the information I am looking for ???


shared contacts, programatically

Post by Ken Slovak » Sat, 27 Nov 2004 23:10:30

Well, you can't read the NavPane or get any information from it. I haven't
played with this but you can see if the NameSpace.Folders collection has the
shared InfoStores that are providing the shared Contact folders. If not then
I don't know how you'd get the information you want.

You could use OutlookSpy ( and monitor what changes where
(if anything) in any of the properties of your default InfoStore when you
add shared folders, they might also be in the registry somewhere though so
you'd also have to check that too.

Ken Slovak
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