Can't load .NET COM Add-In

Can't load .NET COM Add-In

Post by R3V5 » Fri, 08 Apr 2005 02:51:04


I followed Andrew's great MSDN article "An Introduction to Programming
Outlook 2003 Using C#". I downloaded the code sample (Add-In sample), rebuilt
and installed it but it didn't seem to work (on one machine it was perfectly
OK, but I can't tell the difference between them).
The Add-In was registered successfully in the Registery and I installed the
PIA for .NET before installation.

Do you know what might cause this problem?
BTW, I reinstalled Office 2003 again and it didn't help.
This is the link to the article


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Hi all,

I wrote Outlook COM Add-In that adds a custom toolbar to Outlook. It
was working fine, but few days ago, the custom toolbar just
disappeared. Suspecting my COM Add-In was being disabled, I opened
Outlook "Disabled Items" window to find that my COM Add-In was not
listed there. Then, I opened up "COM Add-Ins" window expecting to see
my COM Add-In being unchecked. However, my COM Add-In was not even
listed there! I even tried to register my COM Add-Ins manually by
using "regsvr32.exe", but still couldn't see my COM Add-In in "COM
Add-Ins" window.

I even searched system registry to make sure that COM Add-In object
was properly registered, and found nothing wrong. Can anyone please
tell me in what circumstance, an Outlook COM Add-In stops showing up?
Here is my system spec,

Windows XP/SP1
Outlook XP/SP1


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