Error when Outlook 2003 is installed on Win 2003

Error when Outlook 2003 is installed on Win 2003

Post by Reet » Thu, 04 Dec 2003 06:24:48

Hi All,

I installed Microsft outlook 2003 on Windows 2003 OS.
I created a new public folder.I then created a new post
form via Tools -> Forms -> Design.Now when I Click
the "View Code" icon I get the following error -> "Unable
to load this feature. An attempt ws made to reference a
token that does not exist".

I tried installing Outlook 2003 on a differnt machine
having Win 2003 OS. There too I face the same problem.

Whereas I dont get this problem when I install Outlook
2003 on Windows XP.

Can someone Please help me with this problem.

Thanks & Regards,

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