Help with Outlook Custom Contact Form

Help with Outlook Custom Contact Form

Post by UGF1bF9 » Thu, 20 Jan 2005 21:37:05


I have been asked to create a shared contacts list for my company which will
be stored in public folders, however although I want all users to see the
contacts I want to be able to restrict the ability to edit individual records
on a per record basis. This to stop users from editing records that they are
not responsible for.

What I am thinking of is a shared contacts folder with a custom contact
form, when you create a new contact record the form will have a drop down
field to select an owner for that particular contact by looking up usernames
in Active Directory.

When users view the contact records and open the contact form it checks to
see if the user is the record owner, they are the record owner they are
provided with unlocked view of the record, if they are not the owner they are
only able to see a read-only version of the contact record.

Is this possible to achive or is there a better way to do this, any help and
advice would be extremely useful.


Help with Outlook Custom Contact Form

Post by U0I » Thu, 03 Feb 2005 06:15:02

What you can do is define the appropriate permissions for the shared contacts
folder. To do this, launch the Exchage System Manager, and go to the public
folders directory. Right click on the shared contacts folder and choose
properties. Click on the Permissions tab and click on the Client Permissions
button. Now you can add users and groups and define their permissions in the
bottom half of the screen.