Junk Email in Outlook 2003

Junk Email in Outlook 2003

Post by Anonymou » Wed, 03 Dec 2003 07:07:54

Does Outlook 2003 quotSpam filteringquot algorithms
automatically bin a message that has a different
quotFromquot and quotReplyToquot address as quotspamquot
by default if no whitelisting or filtering on email
address has been done

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2. Outlook 2003 Junk e-mail filter "junks" Safe Senders e-mail

Since the August Microsoft updates, Outlook 2003 moves e-mail from some 'Safe
Senders' to Junk e-mail - this occurs for standalone Outlook 2003 and Outlook
2003 connected to Exchange Server/SMB2003.

Safe Senders are in the 'Safe Senders' list as "@company.com" and do NOT
appear in the "Blocked Senders" list in any form.

This "change" is very recent and appears to have started with the August
2006 Microsoft updates (both systems are fully patched with August 2006
Microsoft updates).

Any ideas ???
grand slack

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