It's okay it's working Access 97 and XP on the one computer via MSI install?

It's okay it's working Access 97 and XP on the one computer via MSI install?

Post by Anna Fergu » Sat, 30 Aug 2003 15:06:49

We used the Veritas 3rd party product to do this and it is
working fine.

Thanks anyway!


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I realized that some people are still using Access 97.
So, I tried to install my version on XP Home. It is an upgrade version, so
it searches for already installed software and should prompt for a disk
(ette) if not found. I do not have a diskette on my laptop, but I figured I
could use the network connected to a PC that has one. Nevertheless, the
installation software does not reach that point, it just hangs there
"searching" the disc.
Suggestions ?
Should I install Office 95 !! ?? (*%/&/% upgrades !!!)
I just need to provide a client with a small interface to input data, I
though of using a small Access program to enter the transactions.

thank you
Marc Pouliot

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