ODBC connection failed error

ODBC connection failed error

Post by bXl6dGlxdW » Tue, 20 Mar 2007 11:11:00

I have this error message showing up on several of the queries as well as
forms and reports. It is strange that I can run some of the Queries as well
as Reports but then there are others that I can't. I am not the person that
designed or set up the swtichboard and he is no longer with the company. I
am getting desperate to correct the problem as this makes my job harder!

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We have a Windows application written in Visual Studio 2003/MFC/C++ which
uses the MFC Dao Database classes. The application works fine with a
Microsoft Access database. We are now converting the program so that it can
use ODBC, we have done this by creating connections from a local MDB file to
external tables using CDaoQueryDef and an ODBC connection string. This was
suggested as the best way to convert without making many code changes.

Besides writing the code that connects the tables, we had to add
dbSeeChanges as a parameter to most of the CDaoRecordset Open calls. We now
have the application hooked up to an SQL Server 2000 database that was
upsized from the equivalent Access 2000 database file.

When we run the program, the initialization goes well, the program reads
alot of data and shows it to the user. Everything looks good at this point,
no errors at all. But then, when we try to do anything with the program
after that, we keep getting a:

3151 ODBC--Connection to 'SQL Server(local' failed

Error. This error occurs in functions that worked fine on program startup.
The error occurs on any database activity whatsoever.

Can anybody give me an idea about what could be the problem? Could the
program be running out of connections? Are CDaoRecordset objects not being
closed properly? The program keeps several DAO recordsets open during the
duration of the program. The reason is that the main window uses a cached
list view and the program constantly needs provide data in response to
LVN_GETDISPINFO messages. Any suggestions as to what the problem could be
are greatly appreciated.

Paul Dembowski

Liberty Street Software

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