Lost Office 2007 Product ID

Lost Office 2007 Product ID

Post by TWljaGFlbC » Tue, 30 Jan 2007 04:31:02

Hi Everyone,

I had to uninstall Office 2007 trial beta 2 version because of memory
problems in my pc.

I want to reinstall the Office software but have deleted the product ID
emails that
Microsoft sent to me. Now I don't know how to get the product ID back, whom
to contact or how Microsoft can resubmit the product ids.

Also, currently I have Office 2007 installation file. I don't want to begin
another download as I'm about to reformat the drive & it's going to long time
to download the 60 day current trial.

Any suggestions?


Lost Office 2007 Product ID

Post by Patrick Sc » Tue, 30 Jan 2007 06:46:28

Use the product key provided in

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Lost Office 2007 Product ID

Post by ANONYMOU » Tue, 30 Jan 2007 06:55:29

No problem. Why not download the trial version of Office 2007 and you
will get a new product serial number by email. Beta versions should now
be replaced with trial versions.



Lost Office 2007 Product ID

Post by TWljaGFlbC » Tue, 30 Jan 2007 08:51:01

Thank you so much for your suggestion here.

I was thinking of reformating the hard drive as some programs were taking
too long to execute. These included Office 2007 so I had to uninstall it.

I currently have it's 451 mg installation file therefore don't wish to begin
another download and install process as it takes quite long. Plus, I know I
won't be able to use much of the software after it expires so before it did,
I was thinking of doing few things and reformating the drive altogether.

I realize I can't bring Office back without the new trial installation.

I'm still kind of confused why all of a sudden it didn't work - all this
while didn't have any problems. And now that I'm left with it's product ID
missing, I'm not too sure how to contact Microsoft and/or to recover it and
have it working again.