Autotext disappearing

Autotext disappearing

Post by Zig » Sat, 23 Aug 2003 18:03:55

I have several autotext items set up. When I have gone to
use one of them, the ones I created have all disappeared
except for one. I have reinstated them again, used them
again, then the same thing happens a couple of weeks
later. Why are they there for a while and then all my own
items except one disappear?

Thanks for your help

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I installed Office 2003 from new. I copied my old personal autotext entries
from Office 2000. They worked fine, but I found that my default language was
for some reason welsh. I changed the default to english (UK) & removed welsh
& everything else from the language options. Now my personal autotext entries
have disappeared. How can i retrieve them? My personalised autocorrect
entries have remained intact.

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