excel files are locked for editing but not by the user excel state

excel files are locked for editing but not by the user excel state

Post by TWF0dG » Tue, 11 Jul 2006 09:19:01

Hi there

We have this strange problem. occasionally someone will try to open a read
only document on the network, someone else may have it open, but it always
seems to state that this one particular user has the document locked or open,
when in fact it is not that user, its someone else.

where would i start looking to resolve this one..


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I have created a XML file using Excel 2003's XML formatting standards.
It opens great in Excel 2003, but Excel 2000 does not read it natively.
My question is:

1) Is there anyway to get Excel 2000 to read it natively?

2) If not, is there a way to save the XML on the server-side As an
Excel document for the user to download. I have the Microsoft Office
Tools for Visual Studio, but I need to use it in an already-developed
web application. Ideally it would be as simple as:


I can easily do this in Excel 2003 manually, but I need this to be
generated server-side.

Any ideas?

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