Tabbing from column to column to column in a 5 column document.

Tabbing from column to column to column in a 5 column document.

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I set up a 5 column document (grocery list) in Microsoft Word. I completed
the first column, but when I attempted to tab over to the second it wouldn't
go. When I tried typing a second word over, it stopped mid-letter.
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I have a database where you can type in students' responses to
questions on a test.
I was able to create a count on a query that shows me how many
people selected the answer A (the correct answer) to question 1, F to
question 2, etc... I would like to have my query show the responses
for all of the questions that way I don't have to open
up 25 different queries to get a sense of how many students got each
question right.

When I just do a query with a count for question 1, the function works
accordingly telling me I have 10 A's, 2 C's, etc... However, when I
add more columns to show question 2 it
still ultimately shows me how many A's were selected for the first
question, but it does not put all the A's together as the table below
shows. Instead, it has three categories for A, 2 for D, etc... (the
numbers do add up correctly though). I'm not sure why it is doing
that. Any ideas?? I've included the SQL code below the table.

SA1 CountOfA SA2 CountOfF
10 10
A 8 F 8
A 1 H 1
A 1 J 1
C 1 F 1
D 1 F 1
D 2 G 2
E 1 F 1

Here is the SQL code that is producing this table.

SELECT Table1.SA1, Count(Table1.A) AS CountOfA, Table1.[SA2],
Count(Table1.F) AS CountOfF
FROM Table1
GROUP BY Table1.SA1, Table1.A, Table1.SA2, Table1.F;

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