JPG pictures do not display after editting with Office Picture Man

JPG pictures do not display after editting with Office Picture Man

Post by V1JNR » Thu, 24 Aug 2006 00:24:01

I edited around 200 JPG photos with Picture Manager (color, brightness, etc)
within a folder. After finishing I clicked on 'save all' under File. I also
renamed the files. After this none of the files can be seen as photos.
Under Windows Explorer Thumbnails I only get an icon. Under Filmstrip and
Windows Picture & Fax viewer it states "no preview available" The files only
generate a box with an X under Picture Manager. Under explorer 'details' it
shows them to be JPEG files and size (around 350KB each), and date last
modified. Unlike photos in other folders which do display well, under
details it does not give the 'dimension' information. In other folders these
are 1600 x 1200. Can these 200 pictures be salvaged?

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y Display picture and My Contacts Display picture does not show on my
conversation window but it does show on my contacts computer. This just
happened all of a sudden. I can chane my picture and it shows on the
Contacts Page in the left top corner. I can use my emoticons and winks. I
have done a System Restore and after using this program I have checked all my
info in options,
etc. I was on the phone with tech support last nite for an hour, after
doing several different things it was left that I would do System Restore and
see if that works, it did not work.

I am using Windows LIve 8, Windows XP Home , SP2 Service Pack

I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer. Thank You

I would appreciate any help that anyone has ro offer

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