Toolbars won't stay away

Toolbars won't stay away

Post by dG9vYmFyX3 » Thu, 07 Oct 2004 23:39:03

Somehow I have multiple toolbars open when I enter any Microsoft appliction
(word,excel, outlook, ppt). I can't seem to get back to the default of just
the standard and formatting toolbars. The others are Control Toolbox and
Reviewing. I don't want to have to add macros as they were not needed before.

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Ive had this problem on my old comp running XP pro, i now
have a brand new comp with XP home this time.
If i set my status as 'away' or 'appear offline' i
garentuee that if i come back in 10 mins it'll show me
as 'online'..weird.
does anyone know what it is?, how i can stop it?, and
whether it has anything to do with my computer making me
select which user to log on with everytime i take it out
of screensaver?..

Thanks in advance.


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