How do I setup and print in Word 2002 ledger size page?

How do I setup and print in Word 2002 ledger size page?

Post by Bob » Thu, 02 Sep 2004 06:36:57

Ledger is 11x17 , make your page fit inside those dimensions less the

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When I place the string "Page X of Y" into the footer of a document, the
proper "total page count" (Y) appears correctly on the screen. When the
document is printed however, the "total page count" prints as the value of
the current page. For example, a three page document's page numbers are
printed as: "Page 1 of 1" for the first page, "Page 2 of 2" for the second
page, "Page 3 of 3" for the third (and last) page. I'm not sure if this is a
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