pdf pagemaker errorin word

pdf pagemaker errorin word

Post by aWNhcnVzZm » Fri, 03 Mar 2006 01:09:29

Help lease. I have the following message when I open word:
Microsoft Office WORD has detected that your computer has a version of Adobe
Acrobat PDFMaker that is known to cause instabilities in program name 2003.
To resolve this issue, download an update from Adobe SystemsWeb site.
I uninstalled acrobat 5, did the workaround by renaming the pdfmakerfiles
files as recommended at
and am still getting the error message. any help would be appreciated

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Hi everyone. I'm having a bit of (well, a huge) problem...
I'm a graphic designer and a client specifically asked me to make her a
newsletter in pagemaker (she has pagemaker and wants to be able to edit
it). I had never used Pagemaker before, but I was able to manage and
get the newsletter done.
Well, as I went to send her the newsletter today, she tried opening it
and couldn't. She told me she was using PM5, and I am using PM7.
Is there anyway for me to convert this file to a PM5 file? This is a
huge setback and I'm almost afraid of the answer to my question. In
most Adobe products you can export to older versions, but PM7 doesn't
have that option.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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