Cannot uninstall Office 2000

Cannot uninstall Office 2000

Post by rick » Sun, 29 Aug 2004 12:06:47

I have a computer that was given to me by an employer. I
used this computer in the past and it had Win 98 and
Office 97. I had loaded Office 2000 without uninstalling
97 programs. Worked OK. I had problems in the past with
Office and couldn't find original cds so obtained new set
from Microsoft (Office 2000 SR-1, Legit copies) I was
able to fix the problems (virus) before the disks arrived
so I never loaded on this machine. I recently upgraded
this machine to Win XP. Upon upgrading, I was prompted to
place Office cds in drive. Everything installed ok.

When I logged on to another user I was again asked to
load Office discs. This time prompts asked if I wanted to
overload old 97 programs. I did. I noticed that this
version of install has my company name (owner of '97
files) while other has my name.

Copy installed over '97 version never worked correctly
always prompting to reenter discs to upgrade Outlook,
etc. I was having overall problems after XP installation
so I thought slow and erratic performance might be
related to different 2 Office setups. I unistalled "my
version" and attemnpted to uninstall version over "work
version". I got this message - The feature you are trying
to use is on a CD. Insert MS Office 200 disk. The system
would never accept the new Office discs as a match.

How can I clean Office from my computer to allow
reinstall? I'm new to XP so is it normal having to
install the Office software for every user?

Thanks for the Help,