clip art in Office 2000 on Win XP

clip art in Office 2000 on Win XP

Post by mbig » Sun, 09 Nov 2003 02:59:05

How do I install the extra clip art from Disk 2 of Office
2000 onto a Win XP machine? I would like to access the
clips from Word and PowerPoint. THanks

1. Is there a way to use clip art from Win/Office 2000 in XP/2003?

2. how can I get office 2000 clip art into the office 2003 gallery?

I've been reloading software on a new computer and decided to try and
incorporate the clip art from office 2000 but encountered some difficulties.
I found this post on another forum
( )

"You can install the Clip Gallery from your Office 2000 disk. The Organizer
will not
recognize the keywords from your old clipart. There is an add-in here:

If the Gallery is still on your computer, in your application, insert,
object, scroll
down to Microsoft Clip Gallery. You can use the Gallery as a standalone,
drag the CAG icon to your desktop and create a shortcut. You cannot insert
from it, but you can drag and drop. It is in a folder similar to this:
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Artgalry\CAG.EXE"

I can see how using the old gallery could work, but I'd love to find out
more about this add-in. Indeed the 2003 organizer does not recognize the
keywords. Where can I can find it and what's the process for using it? [the
link in the post redirects and I had no luck locating it.]

Thanks for your help with this. Relying on an internet connection doesn't
always work!

3. how can I get office 2000 clip art into the office 2003 gallery

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