MUI Setup & Templates

MUI Setup & Templates

Post by Jessly » Fri, 21 Nov 2003 01:27:34

When setting Word templates as Not Available via the Custom Installation
Wizard, they are in fact, installed as Install on First Use, as the user can
see all the templates, but they are not installed until they are clicked. I
want to remove those references from the installation. IN the CIW, what
should I set the templates to in order to prevent them from being available
and not listed?

MUI Setup & Templates

Post by ericshe » Fri, 21 Nov 2003 16:19:26

Hi Jesslyn,

As I understand, you would like to remove the Word templates from the
template list so the users need not to install them, cannot use them and
will not see them. Is this correct?

Actually, to use a template in Word (this is performed for Word 2000), the
file will be copied to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\
(template location) and the templates will be registered in system registry
at the following registry entry


This registry key contains a listing of all the installed Office templates
setup by the Window Installer. Each registry entry also contains the
template information for Office to query which the template belongs. For
example, for items that might appear on the "Letters & Faxes" tab, you will
see subkeys like:

Contemporary Fax:

Remove this entry will remove it from the template tab. Please notice that
all the Office templates are registered here.

- Before your remove these items, please make sure to export this
registry for backup.

For more information, read:

290232 HOW TO: Manage Office XP Templates in Office Programs

210884 WD2000: General Questions and Answers About the Location of Word 2000

Please check the above information and then let me know if you have any
questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


Eric Shen
Product Support Services
Microsoft Corporation

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