Error installing office 97 on a

Error installing office 97 on a

Post by mbelgran » Mon, 11 Apr 2005 06:14:30

Installing Office 97 (ACCESS) I get the error messege "VBE.DLL was
unable to
register itslef"
I have followed MS's support guides but whitout success
i have tried suggestion of : OFF97: Error Message "Vbe.dll Was Unable
to Register Itself" (Q162627)
Whith command regsrv32 vbe.dll i receive this error
DllRegisterServer in vbe.dll failed: return code was 0x8002801c

I replace my xp files:
14/01/2005 10.56 1.284.608 ole32.dll
19/08/2004 14.00 553.472 oleaut32.dll
whith The files contained on cd
19/12/1996 03.37 558.704
19/12/1996 03.37 491.792
as described in ms q162627 , my xp crash and dont' boostrap

so..ive reformatted and reinstalled windows, then tried to install
without installing any other apps.

so now im desperat, can anyone please tell me what to try
Any help apprieciated,

Error installing office 97 on a

Post by mbelgran » Wed, 13 Apr 2005 00:50:33

It was a problem of registry autorization damaged (probably from regclean?)
I have tried some utility who repair registry but whithout success
After a Complete Format and reinstall on my XP
Now works (seem impossible)
My consideration is that registry is not good if you want a stable system
I hope that in future most app can have logo "Registry free"