Missing template files after 2003 upgrade.

Missing template files after 2003 upgrade.

Post by ZGlsYmVyd » Fri, 17 Mar 2006 06:08:44

We have created template files for use in Office 2000, which are stored at
C:\documents and settings\username\application data\microsoft\templates by
default. After an upgrade to Office 2003, the template files in that folder
have been deleted, and were not found in another location on the workstation.

Does Office delete users template files by default when upgrading, and is
there an option in the Custom Installation Wizard to stop this?

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I have a similar problem in that I am missing Pocket PC 2003 (Device
Application (1.0))
project template.

It is the CF 1.0 project which I am after specifically because I am
developing for a handheld unit using CF 1.0 on a Windows CE 4.2

In the templates list in Visual Studio 2005, I have
- Console Application (1.0)
- Class Libraries (1.0)
- Empty Project (1.0)

... But am missing the one mentioned above.

(There were other templates in that list, however they were applicable
to .NET CF 2.0 instead.)

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