C:\congfig.msi trouble

C:\congfig.msi trouble

Post by ck » Fri, 29 Aug 2003 03:58:54

I have officexp and tried to install service pack 1. My network where
office was installed from does not have internet. I tried to run the update
connected to the internet and it failed because it could not find the path.
I then copied the installation files to my laptop and tried to run update
again. I point to the new path and now every time it says c:\config.msi can
not update somefile.TMP. I have tried many ways including reinstalling,
removing, remove the registry entries etc... I absolutely can not get SP1
to install. Any ideas how I can fix this? I will delete the copied cd
files after I upgrade to the service packs. Thanks for any help.


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2. BUG?: MSI 3.1 v2 doesn't update MSI.DLL from MSI 2.0

If you install MSI 3.0 over MSI 2.0, MSI.DLL is updated from version
2.0.2600.1183 to 3.0.3790.2538. However if you install MSI 3.1 over
MSI 2.0 (without first installing MSI 3.0), then MSI.DLL remains at
version 2.0.2600.1183 whereas all the other MSI files (msiexec.exe,
msihnd.dll, msimsg.dll & msisip.dll) all go to 3.1.4000.1823.

Does anyone know if the changes to MSI.dll between version
2.0.2600.1183 and 3.0.3790.2538 are necessary for 3.1? If so, MS needs
to change the 3.1 install to allow for updating directly from 2.0.

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