2007 compatability + updates

2007 compatability + updates

Post by Y2hlc2pha » Sat, 30 Aug 2008 19:42:01

I am running MS XP and office XP pro 2002 sp3. I have kept the office suite
up to date with automatic updates.

I am goint to start receiving some emailed documents in VSTO (Visual Studio
Tools) which I understood will only be accessable with 2003 Office and

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the Microsoft update patch which I
understand will enable me to open and use Office 2007 documents.

Today I get downloaded to my computer, ready for installation various
security updates such as the
MS Office compatability service pack 1 and
six security updates for MS Office system 2007

Since A) I am using Office sp3, why do I need an SP1 update and
B) Why do I need to update my system with Office 2007 securiy updates

I would also like to know if using the compatability update which I
installed yesyerday is going to allow m to work with VSTO documents when
they come in.

Can anyone out there help me please.