Office 2003 Help

Office 2003 Help

Post by yazh » Thu, 01 Sep 2005 19:30:25

I would like to clarify one doubt.

I was using Office 2000 in windows 2000 Proffesional.
Then i uninstalled office 2000 and installed office 2003. Now that the
New office 2003 icon is not there in my machine for all office
programs. Instead, office 2000 icons are there. Please help me how to
fix this one.


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2. provide help search tips for office 2003 help files!

Searching help files in office 2003 is an almost completely helpless task.
If you search for one word you *may* get something close. If you are daring
enough to put two or more words together, there is absolutely no telling what
you may come up with or get any idea about what you are actually trying to
find...unless it's a *popular* enough topic (i.e., confusing to a larger
number of users) that the system may bring it up.
How about something radical like "Help Search Tips" or XP or Office XP "Help
Search Tips" that give an idea of how to get something at least a little off
the beaten path and that may not absolutely require you to know the EXACT
NAME for the service or item or other widget for which you are searching.

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