Office XP Small Business to Office 2003 Small Business

Office XP Small Business to Office 2003 Small Business

Post by Bob Buckl » Sun, 05 Oct 2003 08:22:09

Hi Bob,

Yes, Office XP Small Business edition (OEM-retail)
qualifies for the Office 2003 Upgrade to an edition
of your choice.

To get Powerpoint 2002 with Office XP SBE (OEM only)
you can buy the standalone non-upgrade PPT2002 product
or see if your PC supplier has an upsell policy
for going from Office XP SBE to Office XP Professional
(although as the major OEMs have Office System 2003, it
an Office XP upsell may not be available.


Dumb question - but does anyone know if by having Office
XP Small Biz I will be elligible to upgrade to Office
2003 Small Biz? My Office XP Small Biz does not have
Powerpoint and the Office 2003 Small Biz does have it.

Along those lines - anyone know how I can get Powerpoint
given that I have Office XP Small Biz without having to
buy the full stand alone version of Powerpoint?

thx in advance :) >>
I hope this helps you,

Bob Buckland ?:-)
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