kb923088 will not install

kb923088 will not install

Post by UEo » Tue, 31 Oct 2006 04:22:03

Security Update for Excel will not install. It asks for original disk to be
inserted but then fails to find the file ZF612707.cab on the disk and cannot
continue. Now I have no access to any of my excel spreadsheets since every
time I attempt to open, it attempts to install this update (which downloaded
fine along with other updates), but this is the only one which would not
install. Did Microsoft *** up on this one? (Still awaiting an answer from
their tech dept). Any help would be much appreciated.

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I had an issue with MS OFFICE PRO 2003 not retrieving my hotmail/msn mail
account with Microsoft Office Connector, so I unistalled the program
thinking something wasn't setup correctly and reinstalled only Office went
to do the updates, however 1 of the updates will not install KB923088
Security Update for Excel I have read some of the solutions that might help
For example this one {Problem is destructin of registry keys CAUSED BY
double click on the .reg backup file in C:\Documents and
Settings\<user>\Applicaion Data\Windows Live Safety Center\Backup. Nice one,
Microsoft.} Posted by Mark H. I don have .reg backup file listed in the
directory it only has this file there WLSC_Backup_2006_08_26_11_47_25.
I also tried another step posted by Paul J. {Right click on My Computer,
Select Manage in the window, Once the application starts select Services &
Applications, Then Select Services, In the list of services, find and click
on Office Source Engine, Then in the top right corner of the application
window, click Start Service, Then try to install the updates,} I did the
reboot on the Computer Still will not install the update.
Could someone please assist me. With Step by Step instructions on what to
do next.

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