Patching Office 2003 admin Install point error

Patching Office 2003 admin Install point error

Post by Seth Ander » Sat, 14 Aug 2004 04:35:13

I am having a problem applying Office 2003 SP 1 to my
current install point. Whenever I try and run the below
command against my install point:

msiexec.exe /p MAINSP1ff.msp /a pro11.msi

With correct path etc. the update kicks off and then I
get the following error that kills the update:

You have not entered a valid Product Key.

Please check the number located on the sticker on the
back of the CD case or on your Certificate of Authenticity

I was able to apply this to my original install by
creating an MST file but I don't know how to specify this
for this MSP installation, any help would be greatly

Patching Office 2003 admin Install point error

Post by Charli » Mon, 16 Aug 2004 05:32:52

I was just about to post virtually the same problem.
I was successful in creating an Admin Install Point with
Office 2003, created .mst files AND successfully deployed
it using Group Policy (No users were prompted for the
install key by the way; it was in the .mst files, but it
is also sitting there in the .inf file on my installation
I used the following syntax -
msiexec.exe /p <PATH>\MAINSP1ff.msp /a
<PATH>\pro11.msi /qb /lv* f:\SP1.log
which is essentially the same thing that you did.
The exact message I got was "A valid Product Key must be
set to create an Admin image."
I can't believe I wasted this much time. I should have
checked out the NG first.
Good luck.