Vista Freecell not operating correctly

Vista Freecell not operating correctly

Post by mk9lob » Thu, 08 Jan 2009 05:44:29


I am not much of a computer person, but like to play Freecell. My
Vista version has devleoped a glitch...a line of cards appears in
between the usual sites and cannot be moved normally, therefore making
the game useless. This happens every time, and starting a new game does
not correct the stiuation. Can I unistall this game and reinstall from
back up discs? If so could someone give me detailed directions?

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Vista Freecell not operating correctly

Post by Mark » Fri, 09 Jan 2009 02:23:09

Perhaps someone else has has seen this problem, I haven't heard of it. I
don't know if it will fix it or not, but uninstalling and re-installing
freecell is easy and won't hurt anything. Depending on your configuration
you may need your original Vista disk (it will prompt for the disk if it
needs it)

1) On the start menu, on the side you should see "Control Panel", click on
1a) if the Control Panel link isn't there, use the search box at the bottom
of the start menu and type in Control Panel

2) In the Control Panel - if you have "Classic View" selected - run the
"programs and Features" icon.
2a) if you have "Control Panel Home" view selected - click on "Programs"
(not the links under it but the large "Programs" link)

3) Look for "Turn Windows features on or off" and click it, you should get a
list of windows features with Games at the top.

4) click the little plus-sign next to Games to open up the list of installed

5) uncheck FreeCell and click OK. it will spend a couple of minutes deleting
files and then the game is gone.

to re-install, do the same, just add a checkmark next to FreeCell.

Note: be careful not to change any other checkmarks, installing or
uninstalling pieces of Windows must be done carefully and with knowledge of
what security risks it may introduce.

let us know if the reinstall fixes the problem.

Hope that helps!


Vista Freecell not operating correctly

Post by James Matt » Mon, 16 Feb 2009 08:37:33

You can reinstall it on the windows program's control panel