color schemes

color schemes

Post by YXpyZWJlb » Mon, 05 Nov 2007 03:01:01

I have tried to play certain games at Game Bonus, and I get a message that
says my color scheme has been changed to Vista Basic, and when it does this
all I get is a black screen with no game showing. The game itself has loaded,
because I can hear it, but can't play with black screen. Can anybody help me
figure out how to fix this problem?

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First Question: Is there some way to restore the default Excel color
palette? I have changed some of the default fill colors in the palette in
Excel 2003. I tried clicking "reset" in tools > options > color, but it
doesn't work because [i think] it is just resetting them to the colors in the
default "book" and "sheet" .xls files that I have saved as my templates.

Second Question: Is there some way to save my color palette on a workbook so
that when I send it to another user they see everything colored the way it is
on my screen, instead of using their color scheme?



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