Ventrilo, Games, and Vista

Ventrilo, Games, and Vista

Post by R3JlZW5MYW » Thu, 08 Mar 2007 22:58:05

Hi there,

I just recently upgraded to vista. Everything worked fine prior vista, on
XP SP2. I use ventrilo while playing Lineage 2.

Once Configuring Vent and Lineage 2 to run in XP mode, SP2 mode, vent works
fine & so does the long as I don't run them together. See below:

Vent on & game NOT on = Vent works fine
Game on & vent NOT on = Lineage 2 works fine
Game on & vent on = Game lags extremely bad, and vent freezes. (this may
only happen once I push my PTT button...not sure yet)

My details:
Creative Sound Blaster SE (Vista 32 drivers)
Game = Lineage 2


Ventrilo, Games, and Vista

Post by Dave Pears » Fri, 09 Mar 2007 20:54:11

Have you downloaded the latest beta version of Vent.

I had similar problems, and got the beta version. This installs alot easier
and works great with vista.