Parental Problems on Admin!!

Parental Problems on Admin!!

Post by Keviin2 » Mon, 02 Mar 2009 12:35:07

Well I'm the admin of the Computer and I'm the only Account on it as
well and Recently i Have bought GTA IV For Windows and had a problem...
When i start it it's fine but when i click play i get a error message
Application Failed to launch And something about it could be about
Windows Parental Controls/ Family Safety ??? i'm admin i have no
Parental controls on or could i have them on !!! Help i really want to
play i have Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit and I can play the Game i
Have the Specs:mad::cry: :noob:


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In Vista Parental Controls when selecting the "Games" link or the "Allow And
Block Specific Programs" link so I can change settings I get the error
message "Window Parental Controls - Unable to set user settings for
admistrators or unknown users." When I try to change any other settings
everything works normally. This happens on all Standard user accounts and
any new Standard user accounts I create. I have searched everywhere and can
not find anything about this.

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