validation rule violations when there are no validation rules!

validation rule violations when there are no validation rules!

Post by J. Thomas » Sat, 27 Sep 2003 06:09:32

How can I get validation rule violations in an append
query when the table it appends to does not have any
validation rules? I created a table using a make-table
query. Then I changed the make-table query to an append
query. I added a few more fields to the newly-created
table, but no validation rules. When I run the append
query, I often get validation rule violations, even though
there aren't any validation rules.

Another anomaly: If I add extra fields in the make-table
query in the form "field:Null" so they will be in the
newly-created table, the created fields in the new table
have the data type "Binary". But this isn't even an
allowed data type when creating a table in design view...
The make-table query also creates text fields of size 255,
even for fields that only need one character of text, and
I have to tweak them all to make it run more efficiently...

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I have a form linked to a table.
One of the fields in the table has this input mask (for IBAN account nos.):

This forces the first two characters to be upper case alphabetic, then up to
18 numbers (mandatory) followed by up to 8 optional numbers.

But I would like to be able to validate this on the form side with a
validation rule and validation text for the error message - as currently it
just shows the message 'not valid for this input mask' ... which is not very
user friendly.

Any idea how I can either create an Validation Rule like that for the form,
or get Access 2003 to show a nice error message when the data entry doesn't
fit the input mask?

thanks for any help or ideas


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