Post-SP1 VSS System Writer CAPI2 errors

Post-SP1 VSS System Writer CAPI2 errors

Post by Bren » Fri, 04 Apr 2008 06:15:03

Despite the fact that System Writer is missing from "vssadmin list
writers", System Restore points are successfully created and non-system
file Shadow Copies are also being created.

However, the most recent attempt to restore one of these points failed
without explanation. Fortunately, I image the partitions weekly with
Norton Save & Restore.

The other 6 Writers are functioning normally.

The following Application Log error is generated every time "vssadmin
list writers" is executed on Vista Ultimate.

Source: CAPI2

Event ID: 513

Cryptographic Services failed while processing the OnIdentity()
call in the System
Writer Object.

AddCoreCsiFiles : RtlConvertNtFilePathToWin32Path() failed.

System Error:
0xC0000039 (unresolvable).

%systemdrive%\Windows\Registration ACLs are correct per

Thanks in advance.

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We've got ourselves here a multi-server, multi-user environment (exactly) as
described in the manual.

When one of my colleagues creates an project and uploads it to VSS, all OK
When I download it from VSS into my one Visual Studio, all OK
When I try to run the website in my browser, all OK
(After changing all the nessecary stuff)

When I try to use the link 'Switch to Edit Site, I get an error:
Line 110, Char 1, Error object expected', Code 0

We've tried this several times on several machines each time a different
creator. Same problem persists.
Looks to me like VSS isn't including something, or we made an configuration

Anyone any help



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