Using computer after remote desktop (Vista x64)

Using computer after remote desktop (Vista x64)

Post by Aaron Eldr » Thu, 29 Mar 2007 20:09:25

Hi, I often access and use my home pc from work over remote desktop. I leave
certain applications loaded and running when I finish up for the day and go
home, when I get home my main monitor (I use a dual monitor setup) acts as
though the video cable is unplugged. I get no response from it even if I
press keys on my keyboard or move my mouse. I know my system is up because I
can access it again via remote desktop, also I can see my mouse pointer on
my 2nd monitor if I move it far enough to go over to that. Because of this I'm
unable to log back into my computer locally and have to restart the pc to
use it. This problem never used to exist before on XP64.

I'm using Vista Ultimate Edition x64
8800 GTX graphics card (with the 100.65 whql drivers)
Nforce 4 motherboard (using the forceware 15.00 whql drivers)

Has anyone else had similar problems or knows what may be going wrong?

Using computer after remote desktop (Vista x64)

Post by ToddPMa » Thu, 13 Dec 2007 08:23:10

Hey Aaron,

I'm having the same issue with Vista Ultimate 32bit... Did you ever get
a solution to this problem?