Open program icons on Taskbar

Open program icons on Taskbar

Post by susu » Tue, 28 Jul 2009 05:46:41

The icons that show my open programs have moved to tabs above my
taskbar, so now I have to minimize all programs to find the open program
I want to go to.
How can I get my open program icons back onto my taskbar?
I've tried everything I know but still no luck!
Thanks in advance!!!!


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I recently ran into a weird problem. Alot of my programs when I click them are suppose to run minimized down in the taskbar. Programs such as Wetsock amnd a StartUp Mgr program. When I start the program they are running by looking at the Task Manager Processes, but no Icon is in the bottom of the screen to open up the program.

Could I have done something by accident when experimenting with the Xteq Program that either hides these icons or makes the taskbar too small to show? Any help on this matter would be much appreciated!

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