Uninstalling Quicken 2007 on Windows Vista

Uninstalling Quicken 2007 on Windows Vista

Post by UmVub3J1c2 » Tue, 20 Feb 2007 04:59:10

I just purchased a new HP Pavilion computer with Windows Vista Premium. I
installed Quicken 2007 on it and everything seemed okay. I then deleted some
of the garbage icons it places on my desktop. For some reason after this, I
couldn't start Quicken.

When I try to reinstall it, it takes me to a screen to "Modify, Repair or
Remove" the program. No matter which one I choose, it does not follow through
and says something interrupted the wizard.

I've also tried unistalling the program through Windows and it doesn't seem
to do anything.

I also deleted the Quicken program folder in the Program Files folder on my
C drive, but Quicken still appears in the Windows menu and on the Uninstall
Programs menu.

I just want to have Quicken 2007 on my computer and need to reinstall it or

Any ideas on fixing this problem? Do I have to go buy a Windows Vista
version of Quicken?


Uninstalling Quicken 2007 on Windows Vista

Post by Sara » Tue, 20 Feb 2007 06:33:55

Quicken 2007 will run just fine in XP... theres just too many problems
with Vista to be makign the switch right now (or ever in the eyes of
many...) half the programs I tried to get installed for a customer had
similar problems, some just doesn't run at all, others wouldn't even
install fully... at least 2 gave links to web sites that, instead of
yielding a new version, instead tell you it'll be availale in "Spring"
or in 6 months or some other BS.

New version wouldn't be needed if MS didn't break certain mechanism
(many of which have to do with a method of registering a DLLs), among
other broken parts.


Uninstalling Quicken 2007 on Windows Vista

Post by UmVub3J1c2 » Tue, 20 Feb 2007 06:59:00

Thanks very much for the reply, but since posting the question, I actually
found the fix and Quicken 2007 is working quite well now on Windows Vista.

I found on the Quicken web site the fix at the following link:


Basically, Microsoft has a utility called "Windows Installer Cleanup
Utility", and after downloading it, I used its remove utility and it
successfully removed Quicken. I was then able to re-install Quicken normally
and it works great.

I don't really understand why the uninstall utility in Windows Visat doesn't
work as well or the same as this utility I downloaded, but anyway, it's
working now.

Uninstalling Quicken 2007 on Windows Vista

Post by Dale » Tue, 20 Feb 2007 08:09:06

Quicken has caused problems with Microsoft's activation. Also, Quicken uses
a copy protection scheme that has the capability of acting like a Trojan on
your PC. It installs identifying information on your hard drive that
formatting and partitioning will not erase. I suggest using your hard drive
for target practice and starting over - but with no Quicken.


Uninstalling Quicken 2007 on Windows Vista

Post by Steve K » Tue, 20 Feb 2007 09:05:22

Another wonderful example of DRM and how we're treated like criminals,
like everyone has the intent to steal, and simutaniously prevent us from
making copies and what not, interfearing with what used to be considered
normal usage not too long ago.

Vista itself pushes this sort of things big time. So tell me again why
we need to put up with it? Tell me why we have to jump through hoops
while the people who optain things illegally continue to do so and can
just sit back and relax? How the f*ck is this fair?!