Your advice would be appreciated

Your advice would be appreciated

Post by YjExX » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 03:06:01

Suppose you had problems which disappeared after some time.

Situation 1
I boot partition G, which has Wxp, and eventually I try, repeatedly, to run
an app, which has run many times before, but it just starts-up then the
desktop appears.
I shutdown then boot partition F where I work for a while then shutdown F
and boot G. I then try to run the app and discover that it runs just fine.

Situation 2
I try to boot partition H, which has Vista and has booted many times before,
but the boot process only reaches the Microsoft "moving indicator". I tryed
booting in safe mode. I tryed booting using last known good configuration.
But the results were failure. I then booted partition F where I worked for
awhile then shut-down and tryed to boot H. I discovered that H boots just

What is causing the problems?

Your advice would be appreciated

Post by John Barne » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 03:26:18

Situation 1. Probably some process starts that is interfering with your
app. You could look at your task manager and take picture of it when things
are working, then when it won't run and compare the tasks that are running.
See if shutting down those new processes allows your app to run.

Situation 2. I would guess you have some kind of driver *** . Do you
change any hardware when you are working on the other os, like plug in or
remove a usb device? Do you always hang at the same spot when you boot safe
mode, and what is the last entry shown.


Your advice would be appreciated

Post by YjExX » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 03:38:01

Regarding situation 2, there was no hardware change. The boot failure I
described is the first time that has happened. I tryed a normal boot, a safe
boot, and a last known good conguration boot but the results were failure to