Why Vista Install Problems with SATA Drives & SATA Raid?

Why Vista Install Problems with SATA Drives & SATA Raid?

Post by TGliZXJ0eW » Fri, 09 Mar 2007 09:28:10

Why is no one dressing this issue? I have seen many places where this is
starting to be a hot topic. I did all the required checks and my system said
it was good to go. I can only intall Vista on a IDE Drive but not my SATA
Drive. IF I install on SATA it fails but if use the IDE with the SATA drives
attached it see and accesses the SATA drives just find.
It seems to be alot of finger pointing going on with no solution that fixes
all. What does XP have that Vista doesn't? And, Yes I have tried all of the
current recommended procedures to install VISTA with the updated drivers. NO
I do not have a GigaByte, or any of the current known failed systems just
cannot install to SATA.

Why Vista Install Problems with SATA Drives & SATA Raid?

Post by Q2FybG9 » Fri, 09 Mar 2007 10:23:05

Find the appropiate files for building the "F6 disk" from your motherboard
manufacturer site.
During Vista install, when it asks you about additional drivers (or
something like that), use your floppy disk with the proper drivers for your
SATA Disk.
That should do it.


Why Vista Install Problems with SATA Drives & SATA Raid?

Post by BobS » Fri, 09 Mar 2007 10:48:01

I've made several posts on this subject and the culprit was the hard drive
partioning. Long story made short or you can search thru this ng and find
my posts. If loading drivers at the F6 prompt does not do the trick - and I
doubt it will - since Vista see's the drive.

1. Use a boot disk that has the FDISK program on it that recognizes
partitions >67Gb ( www.bootdisk.com )
2. Partition the disk using the boot disk in DOS
3. Boot up system using Vista DVD
4. Format SATA disk using the disk tools on the Vista install screen
5. Perform clean install now and see if it doesn't get thru the first

Don't ask. But my two Samsung disks were evidently partitioned with some
kind of overlay from the factory. They worked fine for storage purposes but
come to find out, I could not install an OS to them WinXP or Vista in any
configuration - alone or with others. Had Asus, NVIDIA and Samsung all
scratching their bald heads on this one.

After the drives were FDISK'd using a Win98/WinXP boot disc - all is well
and both drives are in the system and I have Vista x64 and x86 installed on

It worked for me - it just may work for you,

Bob S.

Why Vista Install Problems with SATA Drives & SATA Raid?

Post by Mark » Fri, 09 Mar 2007 11:10:50

An alternative to this is simply to disconnect all drives except for the
intended installation drive. Perform the install and then reconnect any
additional drives. The problem is that any drive above the installation
drive that is formatted as a Logical drive has an 8MB Unallocated space
preceding the Allocated space. For some reason, the Vista Installation disk
will attempt to load the boot sequence into this unallocated space on first
and then finish on the desired drive. This results in a corrupted boot
sequence. The installation may, or may not actually take place on the
intended drive and may be found to boot correctly if booted from the DVD
drive instead of the Hard Drive once installation is complete.

For whatever reason, it does not do this on all platform configurations with
mixtures of SATA/PATA and IDE drives.
Unfortunately, no patch will fix the installation DVD.

Why Vista Install Problems with SATA Drives & SATA Raid?

Post by Richard Ur » Fri, 09 Mar 2007 11:30:17

Nice takeoff.



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