ReadyBoost Flash Drive Snag

ReadyBoost Flash Drive Snag

Post by fosb[f2s » Thu, 21 Jun 2007 01:43:22

I put a Gizmo!JR 4GB USB2 flash drive in a spare USB2 socket and used the
proffered ReadyBoost tab to devote the whole of its capacity to ReadyBoost.
At some stage it stopped working (maybe because I "safely removed" it in
error instead of something else?) and now when I insert it I can see it as
Drive F, but when I try to do anything, like open it or reformat it, I am
asked to insert a disk into removable Drive F. When I look at its properties
the space is fully used. That is to say Used Space 0 Free Space 0 Capacity 0
and somewhere the usual message "The device is working properly" when it

Is there any way I can use the drive again? Or is it a write-off?


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Two weeks ago I reloaded Vista Ultimate (32-bit) on a Dell Latitude D620.
The only significant change in the system is that I enabled BitLocker

Before reloading the OS I was using ReadyBoost on a 1GB SanDisk Cruzer
Titanium. Since the reload I've noticed that the ReadyBoost.sfcache file
will disappear after a while. The time between enabling ReadyBoost and the
cache file disappearing hasn't been consistent. Sometimes it's almost
immediate earlier today it took an hour.

As far as troubleshooting goes:
- tried switching USB ports
- disabled RB, rebooted, and re-enabled
- full-format and chkdsk of the Cruzer

So far nothing. As I'm typing this out I realize that I haven't tried a
different flash drive and will here shortly.

But has anybody else seen this happen? Any ideas on a cause?

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