Sony MP3 Walkman and Vista

Sony MP3 Walkman and Vista

Post by cm9tYW5vb » Wed, 22 Aug 2007 04:50:03

I have a Sony Sport MP3 player and due to the proprietary software I am
forced to use SonicStage, Sony's software.

The program is heavily Flash intensive and I just concluded it's causing an
issue I have been having with Adobe Flash. It also messes up my Music folder.

1. Does anyone have experience with this and have any tips?

2. Are there any alternatives to SonicStage?

And no, it won't work with WMP. Sony has been no help only telling me that
version 4.3 is Vista compatible, I guess I must have the OTHER 4.3 that
isn't, silly me.

P.S. - The player was a gift...the player is very nice actually the software

Sony MP3 Walkman and Vista

Post by Richard G. » Wed, 22 Aug 2007 07:10:39

Contact Sony for Vista compatible software for the unit. Otherwise, there's
no workaround for a device that requires proprietary software.

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