mouse disappeared from system

mouse disappeared from system

Post by none » Wed, 16 Apr 2008 19:12:08

urgent help needed.

When I came in to work this morning my mouse was not working. It was OK
yesterday, but this morning it is a No Go.

I have tried many different types of mouse (PS2, USB, Wireless). No mice
work, no matter what type of mouse is connected to the system.

The system is Vista Ultimate 64bit.

I have tried many things to get it working:

I have tried restinstalling/refreshing the drivers

I have removed the mouse device from the device manager and rebooted (I
have tried this several times)

In device manager - the system states that the mouse device is working
correctly. There are no errors shown in device manager.

There is a mouse pointer in the center of the screen, but it does not
move, and the system is not responsive to mouse clicks.

I suspect the problem was caused by some downloaded update from MS,
there is nothing else that would change the system. No other software
has been installed.

How do I correct this situation without formating the C: drive and
reloading the system from scratch?

Many thanks

mouse disappeared from system

Post by Malk » Wed, 16 Apr 2008 21:12:53

Adding crossposting to microsoft.public.windowsupdate

There have been reports of this issue happening after a Windows Update (and
no I'm sorry but I don't know which one). From what I've read, you're being
asked to uninstall the latest updates and see if that brings back
functionality. If it does, then only install updates one at a time to
determine which one is the troublemaker. If it doesn't fix the issue,
please continue this thread in microsoft.public.windowsupdate where there
are Windows Update experts to assist you.

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mouse disappeared from system

Post by VGF1ckFyaW » Thu, 17 Apr 2008 08:50:01

Copied from PA Bear's posting -


We need your help to resolve this problem:

1. Please find the following files and copy them to a zip file:


2. Email the zip file as an attachment to an email addressed to

3. See this related thread for a possible fix: