Mouse Flickering after base performance scan

Mouse Flickering after base performance scan

Post by TWF0d » Sun, 27 Jan 2008 16:29:00

I ran a performance scan to get a base number and while scanning the cursor
was flickering which wasn't to wierd, but after it was finished and closed
the cursor remained to flicker and i cant figure out how to stop it. When i
say flicker's i mean it goes to the windows busy cursor but it swiches
between to two cursors like every milisecond and its quite anoying. when the
cursor changes to like a hand for a link the flickering stops... Please Help!

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2. Canon 3200F - even on auto flickers platen/film lights repeatedly on/off pre scanning

Ever since I bought my CanoScan 3200F I've noticed before every
scan the unit auto-flickers the platen/film lights repeatedly on/off.
That is even if I manually select platen scanning, not auto or film.

Whilst the scanner is superbly fast (and works well under XP Pro)
this flickering before ever scan adds up to a lot of time wasted when
scanning 40-100 items at a time.

Q: Has anyone found a workaround, or "do they all do that"?

I can't see any later drivers on the Canon website.
A case of lpi m/sec being only part of the story, since it adds quite
a lot to the actual scanning time when doing lots of small scans.

Dorothy Bradbury

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