Drive acts as DVD drive for cd and CD Drive for dvd off and on

Drive acts as DVD drive for cd and CD Drive for dvd off and on

Post by UmVpNz » Thu, 03 Apr 2008 02:42:02

My disk drive says all my drivers are up to date, so that's not the problem.
I have a brand new Toshiba satellite notebook and I'm running Vista Home
Premium. Every so often when I put in a cd-rw to copy some files, only the D:
drive - the DVD burner shows and it formats as a DVD. Vice versa with the
DVD-RW: it shows only the E: drive - the CD-RW drive. I can't figure out how
to tell this computer which media it's supposed to be recognizing. Can
someone help??

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Hi there,
I am taking a college course on Power Point, which our
next project has to do with running an audio cd with my
presentation. It is important for you readers to
understand before answer my question, that I must do my
project the way the professor wants us to do it. So what
I am tring to say is that if there are better ways of
doing so please make sure that your answers follow the
way I am going to explain to you. Also for you hard
headed people that will tell me why don't I just ask my
professor, the reason being is because my presentation is
due on Monday (3/8/2004). So if possible I really could
use your help.

Anywho, my professor wants our audio cd to run off the cd
drive. Meaning, by going to Insert->Movies and Sounds-
done. Meaning not choosing "Sound from clip organizer",
or "Sound from file" etc. I must choose "Play Audio CD

Now my problem is if I choose to put my cd into my CD-RW
drive, Power Point doesn't reconize it. Though if I put
the cd into my DVD drive then it works. So my question is
I was wondering if I could make Power Point to reconize
the CD when playing on my cd on the cd drive rather than
my DVD drive?

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