Keyboard Repeats Character Indefinitely After Fast User Switching

Keyboard Repeats Character Indefinitely After Fast User Switching

Post by Jami » Fri, 24 Aug 2007 10:10:41

Since moving to Vista Ultimate 32-bit (clean install), I've been having
occassional issues with my USB keyboard (MS Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000
v1.0). Vista seems to think a key is being held down indefinitely and it
repeats a character in any editable field that gains focus.

This happens after fast user switching from one user's desktop to another.
Typically after doing that, my wife and I will click the start button to
navigate to a program we want to launch. At that point, the search field on
the start menu gains focus and we start seeing a single character repeated
indefinitely in the field. I can click the start button with the mouse to
close the menu. Reopen it, or say, IE from the quick launch bar, and the
same thing is seen--whatever editable field gets focus, start seeing the
same character repeated indefinitely until that field loses focus. The
keyboard will not respond to any keys that are typed when this occurs. The
only way to restore keyboard functionality is to completely log out and then
log back in.

The issue is not consistent, so I have not been able to pin down exactly
what combination of actions cause this beyond that it starts after fast user
switching when it does occur.

Device manager reports MS HID Keyboard Device driver version 6.0.6000.16386.

I've searched the web, usenet, ms kb, and have not seen any post on this
issue. Anyone seen anything they can point me to that might acknowledge the
issue or suggest a solution?