Windows DVD Maker: DVD Player Reads "No Disc"

Windows DVD Maker: DVD Player Reads "No Disc"

Post by ohleande » Sun, 18 May 2008 21:22:13

This is my first time making/burning a DVD

I'm trying to make a DVD of my friend's favorite Saturday Mornin
Cartoons from the 80's. I've downloaded all the clips from variou
internet sites (YouTube, Veoh, etc). With most of the clips I have ha
to convert them into an AVI or WMV file (using an online media converte
site). Once downloaded, I then edited the project with Windows Movi
Maker. Then I published it to a brand new blank Memorex brand DVD+R

I had no problems in making the DVD. No errors. Windows DVD Maker too
an *** amount of time to finish encoding the DVD (I fell asleep)
but all ran smoothly.... until I tried to play the finished DVD in m
home DVD player. It reads "NO DISC" on any DVD player I've tried (
have 3 DVD players). The ONLY place the DVD will actually play is on m
PC, where I created it. I'm fine with watching it on my PC, but I'
prefer to be able to watch on my TV in my living room on the sofa

HELP! Is there something else I need to know? Am I not using the righ
DVD-formated disc to play in a home DVD player? (although, the spec
from Memorex say it should be compatible) Is there an advantage to usin
perhaps DVD-RW instead

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The problem I have is nearly identical to what is captured in Windows
article 899527. but that was for WIN XP computers with SP 2 installed. Not
clear if this was fixed in SP3 or still applicable. Have two ATAPI DVD- RW
drives (TDK 440N and a Sony DRU-810A) properly installed as a master/slave
configuration. After loading my software CDs in either drive, WIndows fails
to read them. Light on the drive comes on for a moment but autorun file
fails to run. Looking at the drive on My Computer shows the dirive to be
empty. Clicking on the drive icon results in a message to insert a disk.
Same thing for DVDs previously writtenby these drives. Any suggestions?

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