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One Way Peer to Peer

Post by Michael Ti » Wed, 26 Mar 2008 04:27:02

I have two Vista machines, a desktop and a laptop. both in the same
I have enabled Network Discovery, File Sharing, Printer Sharing and Password
Protected sharing on both machines. (I have also tried with the firewall
turned off)

The problem is that I can only access shares on the notebook from the

Desktop -> Notebook -> shared folder works

Notebook -> Desktop -> continuously prompts for a password.

I am logged on to both machines as an administrator with the same user name.

Any ideas how to get this working both way please ?

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Post by MS-M » Wed, 26 Mar 2008 07:50:22

With the same password or do you use blank password?

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Post by TWljayBNdX » Wed, 26 Mar 2008 18:57:00

Turn off Password Protected sharing, or create the same user account name(and
a password) on both computers. You don't have to use it, it just has to be
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Post by Michael Ti » Thu, 27 Mar 2008 01:43:51

Same password

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Post by Michael Ti » Thu, 27 Mar 2008 01:45:03

Accounts are the following and both have the same password.


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Post by Malk » Thu, 27 Mar 2008 03:01:36

Sounds like a misconfigured firewall then. Many antivirus/security programs
have a firewall component. You need to check what you are running to make
sure two firewalls aren't active. If you are using any third-party firewall
at all, you need to configure it to allow the LAN as trusted. Double-check
on the machine you can't access.

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