Using both the windows firewall and windows live care one firewall

Using both the windows firewall and windows live care one firewall

Post by Z2FwYXNjb2 » Wed, 04 Apr 2007 15:56:02

I am running both programs. I do see a message stating that the use of two
firewalls might cause damage but both are a form of windows. My op system is
windows vista home premium. Please advise as to using both or which single
one is best. Also I have a router/modem combo(DSL)

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I disabled windows firewall and reinstalled Kerio 2.15.
Kerio seems to work fine, but I'm not sure if it's officially SP2
compatible or if SP2 is aware of it. I set the security
center to let me manage myself..

After running Kerio firewall, I disabled the application layer gateway
and also the windows firewall/internet connection sharing services.

But it seems that the WF/ICS service is necessary, because
I can no longer use my inhome network, network neighborhood
is empty.

Secondly, creating the network setup disk and running it on
windows 98 installed UPNP on windows 98. Why?
I've since uninstalled it..


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