VISTA:Silent installation of a product as a non-admin user

VISTA:Silent installation of a product as a non-admin user

Post by jack » Tue, 04 Sep 2007 20:01:38

Silent installation of a product as a non-admin user how it works?

I am having all default UAC policy setting on Windows Vista Enterprise
I need to know how silent installation of a .msi installer package
will be treated in case of UAC related dialogs?
Will the silent installation is supported in case of non-admin users?

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I'm running SBS2003 RC2 Exchange2003, how do I move User A's Outlook e-mail
contents to User B's?

Everything else relating to User A is done via distribution groups so their
are no problems there. It's just all the old contents of User A's inbox I

I don't want to rename User A to User B. And I want to avoid have to export
a .PST from User A's Outlook.

There must be a magic Exchange button to make this change painless?

Thanks all.

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