Accessing installed printers takes several minutes on one user acc

Accessing installed printers takes several minutes on one user acc

Post by Qi5L » Mon, 30 Oct 2006 13:28:01

I have Vista RC1. On one of my user accounts, accessing the printer list
either by opening the Printers window or by attempting to print anything
takes 1-2 minutes to complete, but sometimes as much as 15 minutes. On other
user accounts, the list appears quickly as expected.

What could be interfering to cause these delays?

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A simple select statement is taking 5 minutes to run in SQL Server. There
are no sorts, groupings or where blocks, simply a Select Field1,Field2, ....
From Table. The table contains 606,775 records. When a query is run from
Access that uses a linked table to that table in SQL Server, it takes 35
minutes to run. When the same query is run from Access linked to a table in
another Access application also with 606,775 records, it runs in 35 seconds.
Any ideas ?

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