Port replicator and56F8300DEMO board

Port replicator and56F8300DEMO board

Post by mike » Sun, 24 Apr 2005 09:02:19


I have a 56F8300DEMO board. Which I had working on another
computer. I'm now trying it on a laptop that does not
have a parallel port. I bought a parallel port replicator
and tried CodeWarrior, but it won't download the code.

When I try, I get this:
CCSProtocol Plugin: CCS Invalid parameter

In windows 'Device Manager', the serial port is placed under
'Universal Serial Bus controllers' (which worries me a little)
and is called
'Keyspan MPR Serial (MPRQI)'.

On the command line in the Command Converter
Server I tried a few things like:
config cc lpt:MPRQI
config cc MPRQI
config cc lptMPRQI

That doesn't help either. I'll get an error like this.
CCSProtocol Plugin: Unknown protocol error

Any ideas how I can get this back up and running. Thanks.